Wing Creek offers an enjoyable, moderate climate year round, paralleling the temperatures in Kelowna almost every day of the year. The overall climate is moderated by its close proximity to the vast body of water known as Kootenay Lake. As a result, Wing Creek does not suffer from extreme shifts in the temperature from day to day at any time of year.

Mountain Influence

The surrounding peaks of the Selkirk Mountains to the west and the Purcell Mountains to the east also have an impact on the climate, ensuring that even the warmest summer days are relieved by relatively cooler evening temperatures, as is often the case in mountainous areas. Air conditioning is a very rare exception here.

Prairie visitors are sure to notice and comment on the lack of wind. In general, we enjoy calm days with gentle breezes on the water and often no wind at all just a little higher up in elevation. Often times even the lake is as smooth as glass — all the more perfect to dip your kayak paddle in and enjoy a serene exploration of the fjord-like shoreline.


Coastal visitors always comment on the warm summer temperatures — significantly warmer than those experienced in Vancouver or on Vancouver Island, for example. Average summer temperatures range from lows of 11°C/51°F to highs of 27°C/79°F respectively. In very hot years, summer days can reach as high as 38°C/100°F which is a perfect time to spend some time cooling off in the lake. There are very few mosquitoes or black flies and most years it is rare to come across any at all, in sharp contrast to the buggy summers endured in many other areas of BC and North America. Often locals, and some of the owners here at Wing Creek, don’t bother to install screens in their homes at all.


In winter, Wing Creek receives less snow than many of the surrounding mountainous areas and, although snowfall levels are unpredictable from year to year, accumulation is typically non-existent at lake level. Snow levels increase as the elevation increases. Winter temperatures are moderated by the close proximity of Kootenay Lake, which never even thinks of freezing. The creek — Wing Creek — running through the property flows all year long as well. In general, winters are both brief and mild with lows of approximately -5°C/23°F and highs averaging 0.6°C/33°F with this entire cold spell lasting approximately one month.

Year Round Outdoor Recreation Paradise

Overall the area is known as a year-round outdoor recreationist’s dream, with world-class hiking and water sports available all summer long and in the winter world-renowned back-country, CAT and heli-skiing within easy reach nearby. Fantastic cross-country and mountain biking trails are being added every year and we now boast some of the best available in the interior of BC.