Frequently asked questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions from our prospective buyers. If you have additional questions, please contact us or one of our sales representatives and we’ll be happy to assist you. The questions and answers that follow are in most cases summaries of information that can be found in greater detail in the Disclosure.

What is Strata Title property?

Strata title is a form of ownership in which a homeowner owns their individual home, or “strata lot”, plus a share of the common areas of the Wing Creek community, or “common property”.

The Wing Creek community is managed by a “strata corporation.” The owner of each strata lot has one vote in the strata corporation and pays a monthly “strata fee” to cover shared expenses related to common property and to develop a contingency fund, used for repairs and maintenance of common property.  The strata corporation can pass strata bylaws and must hold a general meeting of all owners at least once a year, when the annual budget is approved, the “strata council” is elected, and special resolutions, if requested, are voted on.

The governing legislation regarding strata title property is the British Columbia Strata Property Act.

What will Wing Creek look like upon completion?

There are a total of 21 homes and 5 vacation cottages planned for the Wing Creek community. The vacation cottages are already built and available for tour or can be rented by the night or week. The homes will be built in phases and we offer the option of a custom home design or several floorplan options for purchasers. All home designs will incorporate timber frame components, natural materials and high quality finishings. Home layouts will take advantage of features specific to individual building sites. The common areas of Wing Creek include 500′ of beach, forest trails, an orchard and outdoor living spaces.

What are your plans for the waterfront?

Special spaces have been created along the waterfront. These enclaves have been separated by green, stone or treed spaces above the beach and provide seating and eating areas as well as a ring for a campfire. A swimming area and day-use boat moorage may also be constructed. The waterfront can be accessed by an electric golf cart trail, an interpretive walking trail and from the water.

Who is responsible for maintenance of my home?

The owner is responsible for the maintenance of the interior and exterior of their home.

Who is responsible for insurance?

The Strata Corporation is responsible for the insurance associated with each home (excluding contents) as well as common areas and liability insurance, all of which will be paid for through the strata fees. Each owner is responsible to insure the contents of their home.

How much are the property taxes?

Like any residential property, property tax assessments will be provided by the provincial government and taxes will be based on those assessments. We expect that the assessments will be in line with other similar resort properties that are located outside municipal boundaries. Assessed values in this area have historically been lower than many other parts of the province/country.

Are there any restrictions on resale?

You may resell your home at any time and there are no restrictions on resale.

How do I purchase a home at The Residence at Wing Creek?

Please contact us for details on how to get started. We will be happy to help you build your dream home in this spectacular location!