Kootenay Lake, BC

Kootenay Lake, BC is an incredibly special area, in many ways untouched by the passage of time that has so changed many parts of British Columbia as the secret of this province’s spectacular beauty has been revealed over the years.

Large Pristine Lake

Let’s start with the lake itself. Kootenay Lake is a BIG lake — about 144 km (90 mi.) long and up to 152 m (500 ft.) deep in many places. The width of the lake varies depending on where you are but averages about 4 km (2.5 mi.) and is 8 km (5 mi.) across at its widest location. Bounded by the Selkirk Mountain range to the west and the Purcell Mountain range to the east, Kootenay Lake is 530 m (1,736 ft) above sea level.

Because it never freezes over, Kootenay Lake is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream year round. In summer, canoes and kayaks explore the intricately drawn shoreline on a surface that can be as still as glass. Sailboats experience the thrill of a vast lake lauded for its lack of boat traffic. And here and there a power boat enjoys the waves and the fun of the open water. More often than not if it is motorized it will be a little fishing boat trolling quietly for some of the best Gerrard Rainbow trout and Kokanee Salmon in the province. In winter, the fishing continues with the hardier breed of fishers claiming the best rewards.

The Kootenay Lake Area

This region is home to many small communities, each one unique, attracting special people from all over the world. Many chefs, musicians, artists and world class artisans have relocated to this area for the peaceful lifestyle that it offers, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and spectacular vistas.

This area is home to many people who found it by happenstance, some who were born here and never left or came back as soon as they could, and some who sought it out by its reputation for being safe, laid back, friendly and unpretentious. At least 70 per cent of the people who have chosen to relocate here found it while on vacation, enjoying the many recreational opportunities including world-class hiking, boating, skiing and a variety of hot springs. Surrounded by unrivaled natural beauty and limitless outdoor activities, it is hard to beat.

Many who now live here thought they were passing through, but discovered a near-perfect balance of work, life and recreation and simply never left. If this sounds like you, if you are in search of more out of life, you may just find it. Right here.